Tuck Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Council

Tuck’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Council advises and assists the Tuck School in building its knowledge of and strengthening its initiatives in the EMEA region. Working with the Dean’s Office and appropriate administrative departments, council members will help to recruit the best MBA students, expand career opportunities, build relationships with corporations, assist in developing targeted programmatic and curricular activities, and strengthen Tuck’s global brand.

Current Members

Thomas R. Arnold T’91
Global Head of Real Estate, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Zdenek Bakala T’89
Partner, BM Management s.r.o.
Prague, Czech Republic

Kathryn M. Baker T’93
Chairman and Owner, Lakeside AS
皇冠体育平台|体育视频 Oslo, Norway

Francis Y. Barel T’05
Head of Merchant Services France, PayPal, Inc.
皇冠体育平台|体育视频 Paris, France

Gregoire Bordier T’94
Senior Partner, Bordier and Cie
Geneva, Switzerland 

Cyril Courbage T’96
Managing Director, Fortress Investment Group (UK) Ltd.
London, United Kingdom

James Esposito T'95
Co-Head of the Securities Division, Goldman Sachs International Corp.
London, United Kingdom

Olivier S. Fainsilber T’88
Partner, Oliver Wyman
皇冠体育平台|体育视频 Paris, France

Marianna Fassinotti T’07
Managing Director/Partner, D.E. Shaw & Co.
London, United Kingdom

Kathleen G. Grussing T’91
Managing Director & Founder, Sapphire Partners
皇冠体育平台|体育视频 London, United Kingdom

Hilary Halper T’07
Chief Financial Officer, Essilor International
皇冠体育平台|体育视频 Paris, France

Frank Hermelink T’05
Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
London, United Kingdom

Bernt Killingstad T'86
Owner & Founder, Killingstad Investments, L.L.C.
皇冠体育平台|体育视频 Maryland, United States

Irakli Otar Rukhadze T’92
Partner, Hunnewell Partners (UK) LLP
London, United Kingdom

Tore Rynning-Nielsen T’85
Chair, EMEA Council
Chairman, Varig Industri AS
Oslo, Norway

Alexander H. Schwoerer T'02
Managing Director, Marketing and Sales, Peri GmbH
Weissenhorn, Germany

Cindy A. Varga T’99
Managing Director, Strategy & Transformation, British Telecommunications PLC
London, United Kingdom

Ex Officio

Matthew J. Slaughter
Paul Danos Dean, Tuck School of Business
Hanover, United States

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