Tuck Latin America and Caribbean Council

Tuck’s Latin America and Caribbean Council advises and assists the Tuck School in building its knowledge of and strengthening its initiatives in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Working with the Dean’s Office and appropriate administrative departments, council members will help to recruit the best MBA students, expand career opportunities, build relationships with corporations, assist in developing targeted programmatic and curricular activities, and strengthen Tuck’s global brand.

Current Members

Santiago Alsina T’99
Managing Director, Lazard Ltd.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Carolina I. Ardila-Zurek T'16
Business Development Manager, Real Estate, Postobon, S.A.
皇冠体育平台|体育视频 Bogota, Colombia

Andrei Belyi T’01
Vice President, Latin America & Caribbean, TechnoServe
Lima, Peru

Alberto de Cardenas T’04
Executive Director, Peru Champs
Lima, Peru

Diego E. Ferro T’93
Co-CIO and Partner, Greylock Capital Management, L.L.C.
皇冠体育平台|体育视频 New York, United States

Natalia Garcia-Nigaglioni T’07
CEO, eVOLT Energy Trading
皇冠体育平台|体育视频 Mexico City, Mexico

Lea Goryn Grunfeld de Gherson D’00 T’09
Head of Talent Development, Mibanco
Lima, Peru

Guillermo E. Jasson T’90
Chair, Latin America and Carribean Council
Managing Partner, Cross Fields Capital, L.L.C.
Connecticut, United States

Mildreth Maldonado T’03
皇冠体育平台|体育视频 Lima, Peru

Karlston Nasser T’06
Managing Director, Hines Interests Limited Partnership
Texas, United States

Nelson G. Ocampo T’06
Managing Director, J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
皇冠体育平台|体育视频 Mexico City, Mexico

Eduardo D. Pokorny T’01
Sr. Director, Int'l. Growth and Development, ESPN, Inc.
New York, United States

Cata Silva T’03
Managing Director, Drake Enterprises AG
Santiago, Chile

Claudia Echavarria Sperry
Director, Family Council Organizacion Corona
Bogota, Colombia

Ex Officio

Matthew J. Slaughter
Paul Danos Dean, Tuck School
Hanover, United States

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